Supporting Land preservation for future generations
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Our Story

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  • Farmland is the sustainable natural resource where farmers raise the crops needed for our food and fiber industries, something people depend on for three meals a day and the clothing they wear.

  • Farmland, pastureland, and woodland allow rainfall to soak into the soil and recharge the ground-water reservoirs.

  • When farms remain in agriculture, local taxes from that land don’t have to increase to pay for more schools and government services that follow when land is converted to houses.

  • A locally grown food industry provides jobs and economic development for local businesses in the farm supply, food processing, and marketing areas. The food and fiber industry employs approximately twenty percent of America’s labor force.

  • Ethanol for fueling our vehicles will rely on raw materials, like corn or switchgrass, as key ingredients. Farmers will help lessen our nation’s dependence on foreign oil imports by raising a renewable resource on the land.

Our Mission

Adopt An Acre Inc. is a non-profit organization that has been created to support and supplement the existing efforts of a multitude of agencies that are protecting land from development pressures.  Conservation easements is the tool through which the government, conservancies, and land trusts preserve these vital acres from being converted into the final cash crop of houses or industrial sites.

Why is saving farmland important

Saving farmland is a priority issue for all citizens who value the availability of locally grown food and the benefits of a strong agricultural industry.  Pennsylvania farmers generate nearly $5 billion in cash receipts and $45 billion in total economic impact, according to state Department of Agriculture statistics.  Each farmer produces food and fiber for 165 people on more than 58,000 farms across the 

Commonwealth, comprising 7.7 million acres of crop-land, woodland, and pastures. 
Pennsylvania leads the nation in saving farmland.  But, to remain number one in this effort, more people are needed to stay ahead of the bulldozers that threaten to convert fertile fields into the final cash crop of houses or industrial buildings.  Together we can protect more farms.