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Pennsylvania leads the nation in the number of farms and acres permanently preserved for agricultural production.  These programs guarantee a future food supply and contributes to a healthier economy.  It also assures a way of life Pennsylvanian's cherish will continue for generations to come.  The program is a partnership between all levels of government and non-profit organizations - with a common goal of saving prime farmland.

Adopt An Acre Inc.' s purpose is to preserve farmland and open space through the purchase of conservation easements, through donation of easements by landowners to Adopt An Acre, Inc., and to assist federal, state, and local government efforts to protect these natural resources through the purchase of conservation easements and deed restrictions. Additionally, this organization supports agricultural diversity, agricultural economic development, environmental quality and the preservation of this unique cultural and agrarian heritage. 

Adopt An Acre Inc; can assist Berks County Agricultural Land Preservation Board ("BCALPB") by providing opportunities for the exchange of information through meetings, lectures, classes, tours and workshops, and by providing individual technical assistance as appropriate for the purposes of both organizations. In conjunction with BCALPB, Adopt An Acre Inc. can help optimize outreach efforts through media outlets, sponsor research and studies, and publish resource information regarding farmland and open space preservation. Additionally, Adopt An Acre Inc. can develop a list of conservation planners and other technical consultants, as needed, and assist local governments with information that will help guide their efforts to preserve agricultural and other natural resource areas. 

Adopt An Acre Inc. will work with BCALPB in recognizing successful efforts to protect and preserve farmland and assist in communicating with other agricultural organizations and units of government to develop policies that promote land preservation. As needed, Adopt An Acre Inc. can help facilitate the sharing of information through electronic and print newsletters and other communication methods. 

Adopt An Acre Inc. will request the assistance of BCALPB in reviewing parcels that are submitted to the non-profit for consideration in having a conservation easement purchased or donated to the non-profit's program. Specifically, Adopt An Acre Inc. will be assisted by 
BCALPB in determining if the subject parcel borders land that has been preserved by a conservation easement and the percentage that borders a preserved property; if the township in which the subject parcel is located has effective agricultural zoning and if the parcel is located in the district; the distance of the subject parcel from the nearest municipal or community water and/or sewer. 

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