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The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Farmland Preservation administers programs that keep prime agricultural lands available for production agriculture in perpetuity.  Pennsylvania is a national leader in farmland preservation with 5,071 farms and over 530,000 acres protected though permanent agricultural conservation easement (Berks County saved 718 farms and 70,850 acres).  No other state has done more to protect its prime farmland soils for future generations.  With a $74 billion total economic impact, public funds used toward easement purchase are a critical investment in Pennsylvania’s robust agricultural industry.  In addition to the economic benefit, the program assures future food supply for a growing national population.  Pennsylvania has some of the most fertile non-irrigated soils found anywhere in the world.  Development pressures threaten prime farmland soils as the economy rebounds and land use challenges prevail.  Farmland preservation works in tandem with smart growth concepts and comprehensive planning at the local level.